Looking after ourselves & helping others

Looking after ourselves is one of the most important things we can learn to do, along with knowing how to help others.

The common aspect of the two is the skill of making things happen in a healthy way.

Making things happen requires we be both able & willing. I know how to eat healthily, save energy, exercise, etc, but sometimes the stuff in my head can get in the way.

The healthy part means being in balance with our environment (people as well as places) and not trying to control stuff we aren’t able to. The keyword here is sustainable. Not just in the modern, green, big planet sense, but in the personal, doesn’t wear you out, make you ill and leave you worse off than before sense.

Combine making stuff happen with being able to accurately identify your own needs and you have to look after yourself. Combine them both with being in service to others and you have your purpose in life.

There are masses more to be said about all of this, but the most important for me right now is this:

I consider reciprocity to be a law of nature. Now we can argue about that, some will say it’s an effect of the capitalist system of exchange of goods and service. I believe it comes not just from human nature but from nature itself. Reciprocity is in close relation to Karma.

Karma: Some may think that it’s only good deeds vs bad deads, but Getting to know a bit of spiritism I found out that those who receive more are also expected to give more.

The cycle of life must keep going so don’t retain things that won’t add to you when you are no here, you won’t take it with you. Don’t refrain from helping other due to the fear of competition, the rewards will come in this life or the next + you will make the world a better, a little compassion doesn’t hurt

Without these key skills, life can be very difficult. And very few people are being taught these skills properly.

Or maybe it’s just me?

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