Getting back in the game

Since my last post, I have left my job, been invited back to work freelance (for more money) and then been offered other work by friends.

Obviously this is really fortunate, and I am totally pleased with the compliment of being offered work without seeking it out, however, I recently realized that it has meant I was getting complacent, and not moving my plans forwards. So a quick re-visit to some favorite blogs and I’m feeling like I need to make a note of some of the best bits of advice for me. It’s list time again…

  • Get some milestones together – even if I’m just gonna make something up. (This is a lot nicer sounding than ‘write a business plan’)
  • Believe that even if I am not a god at something, I do have skills that other people will pay for (in areas that I want to break into, rather than areas I’m already established in).
  • Do something (I’m prone to thinking stuff through for hours, but never actually following through).

Not a very long list, but it seems to capture what I need to focus on, and not focussing on too much at once seems kinda sensible to me.

My mantra for this week:

Doing something is better than doing nothing.
Just thinking is doing nothing.

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