Why People Dance

People all over the world from different cultures dance for many reasons. In this article, we would discuss some of those reasons and perhaps encourage you to try dance as well.

Many religions throughout the world use dance to praise their gods. On the other hand, some religions fill that dance can lead to immoral behaviors. Christianity tends to have mixed thoughts when it comes to dancing. Some of them believe it’s okay to dance at weddings and other religious ceremonies, but that social dancing is never okay. Most Christians, though, believe the dance is a matter of personal conviction. In the Hindu religion, dance as a primary form of worship. Even Islam has its own version of worship dancing.

Many Native Americans have their own tribal dances. Most people consider this dancing as a type of war dance, but these kinds of dances have been seen throughout history around the world. Each tribe has their own dances that they use to prepare to defend themselves, prepare for a big conduct, or to go to war with other tribes. War was not the only reason the Native American tribes would dance. It also held an important role in tribal ceremonies, worshiping of various gods, and individual expressions of joy, grief, prayer, or simply becoming one with nature. In Native American dancing, the drumbeat is an essential component. The drum is what drives the intensity and the pace of the dance.

All over the world, there are those who dance competitively. From spiritual forms of dancing to recreational forms of dancing, the competitions can be fierce. These competitors dedicate their lives to perfecting their particular kind of dance. When it comes to competitive dancing, the judges look for uniformity of movements, costumes, technical skills, and artistic expression. The dancers must be committed to their dances completely to remain competitive.
Of course, there are many people that dance merely because they enjoy doing so. There is nothing wrong with that. When it comes to dancing, the best reason for anyone to dance is that the music draws you in and makes you want to move.

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