Salsa Dancing

Have you ever wanted to meet new friends but not sure how? Perhaps you don’t like the bar scene. Churches, grocery stores, and shopping malls seem too mundane. Well, have you ever thought about dancing? Dancing is a wonderful social activity to participate in. If you want to meet people in an easy-going environment that is laid-back and fun, you should give salsa dancing and try.

Salsa dancing attracts all sorts of people from different cultures and age groups. What they have in common is their desire to have fun. The atmosphere is what makes salsa dancing so enticing. You will find rhythmic dancing and pumping beats while people circle around the dance floor and mingle with one another.

Maybe you have never even stepped foot into a salsa club or on to a salsa dance floor. That is okay, there is help for you. There is no need to hire an experienced salsa dancer to train you because the salsa clubs always have lots of people who will take you under their wing and show you the steps to get you started and have a great time. You may think that’s hard to believe, but I have found it true everywhere I have gone. I often visit salsa clubs where I am asked to dance. Even though I insist that I am not very good at salsa, I am always greeted with a friendly smile and an offer to show me how. They are not many places around where you can get that kind of friendly treatment from strangers. Certainly, not in any of the bars that I have visited.

There are a few simple steps that you should learn to help you enjoy salsa dancing more: step forward first with your right foot to the back. Next, do a scissor kick step and then move the right foot back. You will interchange this pattern of movement with the left and right feet. If you do not understand these directions, you can always watch salsa dancing on YouTube to get a better idea, or just go to the salsa club and ask.
The most important thing to remember is to move your hips and have lots of fun. Now get out there and dance like no one is watching.

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