Expand your dancing horizons: Kizomba

Expand your dancing horizons: Kizomba

Kizomba: Kizomba is a dance of African descent that comes from Semba.

Semba is a dance of African descent that also gave origin to Brazilian Samba but more about that in the next post…

Kizomba is very similar to Semba only differing in the following aspects.
1- Slower: KIzomba has a slower rhythm compared to Semba. The slowest part of the dance is called ” Taraxinha” where the couple is not moving around the dance floor.
2- Smaller steps: Kizomba is the more intimate type of dance to be shared among the people who are dancing.
Sexier, more sensual: Due to the curling movement coming especially from the women along with the close contact, Kizomba becomes a very sensual dance. Some may even be shocked at first because you really have to get up close and personal with your dancing partner.
Marked steps: The dance is marked in 3 steps. The dancers have a “jingada” that consists of a curling movement with their hips where they make contact by touching each other’s belly. Another point of contact is with the knees that have to stay together so that the woman knows the dancing commands.

Kizomba is danced between family members in Angola as well as in nightclubs.

When danced in family settings it is less sensual than what we see in Europe for example.

A way to get the family and friends together where everyone brings something. Often the man bring the drinks while the women bring the food, these are called “festas de quintal” and would happen almost every weekend

Kizomba is huge in Europe especially in Portugal and Spain due to the migration from countries that were colonized by them.
In case you plan to dance Kizomba in Europe rest assured that you will find an event there.

KIzomba is easy and very pleasurable to dance, an intimate moment between two people to be shared and felt on the dance floor.

Kizomba is growing exponentially and I won’t be surprised if you already know this dance yourself

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