Dancing the Tango

The tango is considered one of the most romantic types of dances ever. And in terms of intricacy and technique, the tango could stand on its own. It is the allure of the underworld and the glamour of the ballroom. It is erotic, aggressive, and improvised. The tango is a kind of dance that is slow, so the movements should be unhurried and smooth.

Dance is a form of language that is universal. The tango may be a simple dance, but it is one of the hardest ones to master. Though, the only way to really dance the tango is the way you want to dance it. The tango is known as the dance of the people. You must truly listen and fill the music as it flows through your body to dance the tango. All tension must be released to be successful in this dance.

In the past, the tango was associated with the lower and middle class. The upper class tried to stop the influence of tango across the cultures by restricting the music and dance. The beginnings of neo-tango music stopped them from doing so. Neo Tango started in the 19th century as a spinoff of tango. It is still a popular style of dance in tango salons. The tango has remained a mysterious and romanticized dance because of the lack of access to the music and the way the world understands it. Tango has been given a more temporary and modern feel with the addition of back rhythms.

The tango is a very dramatic and passionate form of dancing for couples. It also incorporates the music that goes along with it. Scholars and lyricist have tried to put into words what the tango is, but this dance is more about what you feel and see. It is an expression of love that comes from the deepest parts within. The tango is danced quick changes of direction and disconnected movements making it a progressive dance. Historians do not agree on the origins of the tango, but generally, except that it comes from many cultures and places.

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