Ballroom Dancing

There are several different dance styles of fall under ballroom dancing. These dances are some of the most sensual and beautiful styles of dancing in the world. Perhaps you think that ballroom dancing is something you may want to try. Before you rule out ballroom dancing as an interest, you should look at all the different styles available.

International style: there are two main categories of ballroom dancing that fall under international style. They are Latin standard. Most people think of Fred and Ginger when they think of the standard style. The women wear elegant gowns in the men wear coats with flowing tails and vests for their costumes in the style. The Latin international style is more sensual in the attire, music, and mood. The women wear very little while the men wear garments that are tight fitting.

Standard style: the standard style of international ballroom dancing includes the Waltz and the Tango. These dances tend to be very technical in their qualities.

Latin style: the Latin style of international ballroom dancing appeals more to the younger generation. The Rumba, the Cha Cha, and the Samba are all part of this style. The Latin style is high-energy and is used by some as part of their workout routine.

The American-style: the American Standard for ballroom dancing is different than the international style. There are two categories in the American-style, rhythm and smooth. The American-style ballroom dancing allows the partners to be farther apart from one another than the Latin style does. Some of the patterns of steps are different as well. The movements, costumes, and music are very similar to that in the international style, though.

Smooth American-style: this portion of American-style ballroom dancing includes the Waltz, the Tango, and the Foxtrot.

Rhythm American-style: this type of American-style ballroom dancing includes dances like the Cha Cha, Rumba, the Mambo, and East Coast Swing. The intensity of the Latin dance is still felt in this kind of dance. These tend to be favorites among the audience in competitions.

Ballroom dancing has continually grown over the years as new styles become popular. If your ideas of ballroom dancing were the traditional type, it is time for you to see just how fun ballroom dancing can really be.

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