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Past Experiences that have brought meaningful insights:

Here is space where we are happy to hear from your life experiences and have a discussion about it. One thing we often miss in our fast-paced city lives is the time to have a nice chat with someone. Talking to people is a great way to find new perspectives and expand your mind, the way in which you think. Let’s do just that send us your story, of a time you learned something due to an event in your life. We are looking forward to hearing from you

Life philosophy:

Let’s have a chat about the philosophies that guide our lives. Send something that has been influencing your life lately and has changed it for the better. It might help others do the same. We are looking forward to hearing from you


A passion I am sure that I share with a lot of our readers is the love for dancing. Dancing brings a connection between body mind and soul. Let us know how dancing is changing your life and types of dances we haven’t covered in the blog.


We also encourage you to write for our blog and let your voice be heard, of course, your content will be curated before uploaded.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We try to answer as fast as we can

The community:

What about we are trying to build here: it’s not necessarily a blog but a community that shares the same values and passions. Being part of the world that we connect so easily with people we can often take for granted the power behind that. Getting to know a bit more of a culture, a way of thinking, a whole new culture without having to spend thousands of dollars is something powerful. This is what we try to achieve¬†with the blog, blurring borderlines